Krause Travel International 
  I'll do the planning.... You start packing! 

About Me

    Krause Travel International LLC began in my heart years ago. I have always loved to plan trips. I thrive on the excitement of planning, making packing lists and looking forward to the departure date drawing near.  I plan trips for my family, friends, organizations and business clients.

    My husband, David and I love to travel. We have been married for 37 years. In that time, we have visited 38 countries and 35 states. We renew our wedding vows every 10 years (so he doesn't forget) in some adventureous location around the globe.

    We traveled alot when our daughter was young with her AAU basketball tournaments.  We followed her though her college years playing volleyball all over the country.   I have spent spring breaks in Florida, chaperoned high school trips to Paris and now enjoy my grandchildren's school breaks on Disney trips.
     I would not trade my travel experiences for anything.  I have learned valuable lessons while traveling, gaining broadened knowledge and lessons along the way.  I believe in value, excellent service and memories lasting a lifetime.

"What our children see in the world... depends on what we show them"

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